Restaurant Video Menus

Video Screens From $7 a Month

Digital Menu Boards

Say goodbye to the tedious grind of menu board printing, marked by the perpetual need for price adjustments amid mounting costs. Embrace the user-friendly interface of smart displays, simplifying the update process exponentially. Whether you're refreshing imagery, tweaking prices, or spotlighting new menu items and daily specials, it's a transformative innovation that empowers you to navigate operations effortlessly.

Dynamic Digital Signage Displaying Menu Options | Fork360
From $20 Each
Onn Streaming Box

Why Fork360 vs Print or USB Menus?

Google Chromecast
Amazon Fire TV

We provide you with the necessary tools to achieve this effortlessly, utilizing readily available HDMI smart media players such as Onn, Google Chromecast, or Amazon Fire TV stick.

Fork360 video menus offer significant advantages over traditional printed menus and USB video menus. Printed menus, although familiar, suffer from being static and expensive to update, often requiring physical reprinting or adjustments, which can quickly accumulate additional printing expenses. Similarly, USB video menus, while providing local playback capabilities, are hindered by slower manual updates and the requirement for physical access to implement changes. Furthermore, USB functionality may be limited, failing to consistently operate as a constant video source on many TV displays, rendering it unreliable in certain setups.

Contrastingly, Fork360 video menus equipped with remote update functionality revolutionize menu displays. Through a simple HDMI connection, they facilitate dynamic content delivery, enabling real-time modifications and dynamic content scheduling. This eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming physical adjustments while enhancing operational efficiency. By allowing updates to be made remotely, they minimize initial investment and offer a cost-effective solution compared to traditional print pricing. Additionally, the added convenience of remote updates via management software further optimizes menu management, ensuring businesses can adapt swiftly to changing needs and preferences.


  • Facilitates dynamic content delivery
  • Enables real-time modifications and scheduling
  • Eliminates the need for costly physical adjustments
  • Minimizes initial investment compared to print pricing
  • Offers a cost-effective solution with remote update functionality
  • Enhances operational efficiency and adaptability through remote management software


  • Local playback capabilities
  • Slower manual updates
  • Requires physical access for changes
  • Limited functionality and reliability on some TV displays


  • Static and expensive to update
  • Requires physical reprinting or adjustments
  • Additional printing expenses may accumulate
  • Lack of flexibility in content management

*Requires WIFI with good signal to work properly and update remotely


Self Managed

$7/ ea Screen per Month

You have the convenience of uploading your designs and effortlessly managing them through our user-friendly backend interface, accessible remotely from any PC or mobile device.

Full Service

$10/ ea Screen per Month

Experience the convenience of our full-service option where we handle all updates to your screens, manage price adjustments, and schedule specific content to display during designated days or times, tailored to meet your unique needs.



* TV Not Included. Hardware is customized onn streaming box with cable. Designs made from your provided photos, images and text.


# Screens

$ - One Time Fee

One Time Charge. Shipping charged seperately for hardware.

$ a Month

Restaurant Ambiance Video Screens

LoopTV offers restaurants a no-cost solution to enhance customer experience and increase revenue effortlessly. With free video entertainment hardware and no monthly fees, restaurants can display engaging content tailored to their patrons, including their own branded videos or photos. What makes LoopTV unique is its revenue-sharing model, where restaurants earn passive income monthly by simply displaying content. This transforms screens into lucrative assets, enriching the dining experience with dynamic ambiance and promotional opportunities.


Screen Design

$50/ ea Design

We specialize in providing tailored video menu design services to match your brand identity and specific requirements. Our expert team meticulously crafts visually engaging digital menus that effectively showcase your offerings while enhancing the overall customer experience.

From $50 each screen design
TV Installation available

TV Installation

We also provide professional installation services for customers in Southern California from $150-200 Each.